A Rubik's cube solver and FMC assistant

A screenshot of nissy running in a terminal emulator

Nissy is a command-line Rubik's cube solver. It can find optimal solutions for random positions using techniques from Herbert Kociemba's Cube Explorer and Tomas Rokicki's nxopt. With 4 cores at 2.5GHz and using about 3Gb of RAM, Nissy can find an optimal solution in about a minute on average.

Nissy aims at being a complete tool for FMC (Fewest Moves Challenge) practice. It can solve different steps of Thistlethwaite's algorithm (also know as DR/HTR) and cans use NISS (Normal-Inverse Scramble Switch).

You should use Nissy if:

To get started, head to the download page.

You can also see its source code by cloning the git repository